Hi guys,

I hope you all had a great month so far and profits keep rolling in .

We have had quite a month so far , with the EURUSD hitting new highs at 1.1910 , while the Aussie and Kiwi went to respectively 0.8042 and 0.7520. Now both trading significantly lower and further corrections are very likely. So we did catch both on the drops and are now ready for another ride on those.

We have remained bearish on the EURUSD, which now is to our benefit, as the Aussie and Kiwi positions will balance out the moves on this pair, as we mostly trade USD weakness and strength.

Now almost 200 pips below the EURUSD top at 1.1910 and better news is now coming from the US, while from Euroland then Reuters today announced that Super Mario will at Jackson Hole symposium, make it clear that the ECB will not change their monetary policy. So looks like he got put off by the stronger Euro, which was only to be expected.

So the GZ account is now reaching its daily targets and DD is around 16% for now, due to the drop in Aussie and Kiwi, also the resilient EURUSD we need to see at lower levels, which should be expected after the latest developments.

Apart from that , then nothing much is new, we keeprolling on and equities are green all over.

We wish you a spectacular second half of the month and lots of success!: