To invest in our account, You’ll need to open an investor account with LQDFX (The broker who is supplying the PAMM system to us)

Open an account with LQDFX here by clicking the banner below

Now you will arrive to LQDFX signup page. The following guide will take you through the process.

In the first form, You will need to fill out the basic information about You.

When clicking next, You will have to fill in additional info including the login credentials that you wish to use to log in to the client portal

On the third side you will be asked about your financial capabilities and also about you knowledge about financial instruments. This is also where you choose which account type you would like to have as your personal trading account. For most people the MT4 and Gold account should be fine. We usually use USD as currency, but EUR can be just as fine.

When clicking submit you will get a confirmation screen.

In the left menu there is a link called upload documents. Here you can upload the required documents to finish your account creation. You will need a proof of ID, A proof of residence and if the verification department asks for more, then you can use the last option to upload those too.

After applying the document, you can now click the account list. Here you will see your own trading account. This account is only to be used if you wish to also trade by your self.

When You have created your private trading account, it is time to create your investor account. You will find the link in the menu to the left, below the account overview.  it’s called “create new trading account”

  • Choose the “MT4 PAMM” button to the right.
  • Choose the “Investor” option in the drop down below

When you go to the menu to the left and choose “Account list”. You will now see two trading acounts. One is your private trading account called “MT4”, and one is your PAMM investment account called “MT4 PAMM”. You will have to create a new PAMM investor account for each PAMM account that you wish to invest in. You will need to remember yourself, witch account number that is invested in which PAMM accounts. So it might be a good idea to take some notes about this.

Now you should be ready to make you deposit. You can either use the links to the right for each account in the Account list. Or You can chose the menu to the left called ” Deposit funds” Make sure when you get to the deposit site to look in the top and ensure that its the right account that you wish to a deposit to. Else choose the right account in the drop down in the top.

When all has been filled out and the document has been sent. Then you will receive an email the confirms that you have signed up, and that the back office is reviewing your documents. You will get an email when they have been approved. As soon as they are approved and you have made your deposit. then you will be able to trade in your own account

Before being able to invest. You will need to deposit funds. Minimum deposits to trade by your self in a Gold account or an ECN account is 500$ but you can also trade in a micro account for as little as 20$

Now when you have made your deposit, you will be able to allocate funds to the account of your wish.
In the client portal, you will choose the menu to the left under the PAMM heading called PAMM statistics. Then you will come to the overview of all PAMM accounts with the broker. Here you will find our account Greenzone and You can click the button “Invest”.

Now a pupop will appear and you will have to accept the terms and the LPOA and below you will need to either choose the invesment account that you already created, or create a new investment account. If you choose to use an existing investment account, then you can chose it from the drop down menu.

Last you need to click the attach buttom, and you funds will then be allocated as soon as it is approved by LQDFX