Hello guys,

already half way through May and profits keep dropping in through the door, keeping us in track with the targeted 4% profit a month, which with the compounding interest should get us to approx. 60% a year ROI . The extra added positions did really well , especially during the first French elections and today we could close the last of the added positions in profit, due to the EURUSD steep rise in the last few days.

Kiwi and Aussie did drop Aussie reached a high of 0.7750 in March and then later dropped to a 3.5 month low at 0.7330 , but now trying to re-capture the 0.7400 level pushing upwards due to a rise in commodities and an otherwise stable set of numbers lately. Also the RBA remain pretty much neutral  and with the current weakening of the USD drops on both Aussie and Kiwi should be limited. The Kiwi however take a drop from 0.7375 to a 10 month low at 0.6818 , mainly due to the dovish stance from the RBNZ , but fundamentally then both the Kiwi and Aussie are doing fine and rate hikes rather than cuts are the most likely scenario. Not something which will come in the short or medium term, but rather somewhere in the end of this year, beginning of 2018. But the closer we get to the expected time, then more strenght we should also see in both pairs.

Of course much nowadays is traded according to the strenght/weakness in the USD , so a good indicator here is the USDIndex, which basically has been ruling the levels for a while now.

Due to failing US figures, the USD weakening has been obvious, but it could change with a new set of positive data. Getting closer to the expected June rate hike, we should see it firming a bit. However odds for 3 hikes for this year are dropping. June is seen as a done deal basically, but we have seen surprises from the FED previously, so things could change before we get there. Also I sincerely doubt that we will see more hikes after June, unless the US numbers improve drastically. Something which I really can´t see due to a lot of political instability, with Trump trying to push through his agendas rather with force more than diplomacy, something which bring uncertainty into the markets. He has with the tax cuts until now given more to the rich guys rather than the little man. Of course a certain improvement is seen also for smaller businesses and the middle and lower class, but the bulk of the benefits goes to big business as usual. So I do expect the USD to strenghten in the short term, but expect it to start further weakness in Q3 and Q4 , with Kiwi, Aussie and EURUSD ending the year significantly higher than current levels.

This of course is only what I do expect, some would probably disagree but time will show, but the long term predictions so far, have been coming in pretty much as expected also in the past, so we will see.

I wish also to thank new and old investors for their support and trust, it is truly appreciated of course, so lets keep the profits coming in as they have so far and all end up with smiles and bigger pockets.

Have a great week ahead all and good luck