Hi guys,

I hope you all came well into June and profits were following you all the way.

For sure they did with Greenzone and we have now have a equity profit of 23,5 % , the Drawdown is currently at 1.4% , which means that we are high enough in range to allow investors to make a withdrawal of some of their profits, if they should wish to do so. Bon appetit :-) . Just please send me a PM stating that you wish to do so and how much  so I can adjust the tradesize.

It has so far been a good year for us, with Kiwi and Aussie starting from a low range in the beginning of the year and then rising and going sideways just as we like it . And having taken on the extra EURUSD short term positions,have doubled the medium/long term targets, so all in all there are smiles all over the place.

Now this week we should see a lot volatility in the markets, with Draghi taking center stage again. It was first anticipated that a tapering was imminent, but the key figures failed and today , it is expected that the ECB will lower their inflation expectations , so we had a 75 pip drop on this pair and got some sells closed and then got the pair from the bottom and up. We do of course have the BIG one tomorrow as well, namely the UK elections, which is a close run, still with the conservatives in a small lead, but small enough to create haywire all over the place, until we have the final results early Friday morning. Also ex-FBI director Comey is to testify this week of course. Later in the month we then have the FED which is expected to hike the rates again. A further 2 or 3 hikes this year was widely anticipated from the beginning of the year, but those dreams soon faded to most likely one in June. Odds still at 95% ,but apart from a short term rise in the USD , I do not seeing this having any significant positive impact on the USD . Still expecting the EURUSD to be trading above 1.15 before Christmas.

This night we had the AUD GDP numbers which surprised us to the upside so currently the Aussie is just above the major resistance at 0.7555 and if this break can be sustained then 0.7600 should be anticipated also. Kiwi following suit, currently taking a bigger rise than Aussie, but it also started at a technically lower point.. So simple adjustment really. Also Chinese figures picked up afterthe downgrade, goldis rising and also the black version oil did seea smaller comeback, which is supporting the AUD for now.

So interesting times ahead, so be careful as this week could start to get explosive.

Have a great rest of the week and all the best of luck !