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About us manages multiple PAMM accounts. It has now become a brand, rather than just a name.

Our mission is to make investments in the forex market a more safe and secure option, even for traders with little or no experience.

Our account mentor comes from a sales and marketing background and first started following the forex market and exchange rates due to this back in the 1980’s. This was originally to enable him to maximize profits by buying low and selling high.

He opened his first trading account in April 2009 and spent 3 months being taught this system by an executive in a major international financial institution. After 3 years perfecting this, he started to trade on a social trading platform in April 2012.

It has since become almost a cult following since then, and is still growing to where we are today.


We are cooperating with LQDFX as our preferred broker, because following our extensive testing and research, we found that they offer the best possible customer service.

All investors will be assigned the same account manager, so that all will be treated with consistency and respect regardless of the amount invested.

LQDFX offers customer support in a variety of languages.


Minimum investment for the normal PAMM accounts is 200$

We charge 20% of the profits for trading for you.

We are aiming for a 100% profit pr. year. But it always takes two to dance and if the markets are quiet we may not be able to reach this. Of course if the market is volatile we may achieve more. However nothing is certain, and in the future profits will vary according to the market conditions.


As an investor, you don’t need knowledge about forex. You will only need to open up an account with LQDFX and allocate the money you wish to invest.

Most have a job or other obligations which prevent them from being able to follow their accounts all the time. This exposes them to risks due to the volatility and constantly changing market conditions. Others simply prefer the simplicity of having experienced traders, to do the job for them, so they can enjoy life while we create a healthy profit while they do so.

When you have opened the account then you will be able to allocate funds to invest in our system. You will have a “share” in the total master account which is used to trade with. Your money is always allocated to you in a separated account.

Please keep in mind that this is a long term strategy, but we will make stops for people to withdraw profits. You can however withdraw your money at any time you want to.

Happy new year from Greenzone Team

Dear investors. It is time to say goodbye to the old year and embrace the new and intriguing times which will come...... May 2018 be your best year ever in all aspects. Wish you all lots of success, love, wealth, happiness and good health !!

Greenzone wish You a Merry Christmas

We all here at the Greenzone team wish all our investors, both on the joint and the private accounts a very Merry Christmas. We hope you all will have a magical time with the people you love and may your holidays bring you peace, happiness and joy.

Super Mario will not change the monetary policy

Hi guys, I hope you all had a great month so far and profits keep rolling in . We have had quite a month so far , with the EURUSD hitting new highs at 1.1910 , while the Aussie and Kiwi went to respectively 0.8042 and 0.7520. Now both trading significantly lower and...

A turn in the EURUSD ?

Hi guys, I hope you all have had a prosperous year so far and that the markets have been good to you ! On Greenzone things are going steadily upwards, account is hitting the monthly 4% target consistantly since the daily target was set to double. It is really...


Hi guys, Seems like we are caught between a rock and a hard place, nothing is really moving in any direction, USD weakness has been significant for the better part of this year, despite having had another rate hike and fine words from good old Yellen. But the big guys...

Optimism surrounding the EU data

Hi guys, June is now getting closer to an end and its been another month of profits, with Ultra low risk, despite of the added positions made to bring up the daily target. Drawdown is at this moment 0.8% and the account  is now having a net profit of 26.2% , so well...

Greenzone getting greener !

Hi guys, So today its time for the FED rate hike and the FOMC press conference. Odds for a hike are of course almost 100% , so careful as with that many analysts agreeing increase the odds for the opposite to happen. However I do expect we will see a hike today, but...

Good news from the Greenzone !! Withdrawals of profits possible!

Hi guys, I hope you all came well into June and profits were following you all the way. For sure they did with Greenzone and we have now have a equity profit of 23,5 % , the Drawdown is currently at 1.4% , which means that we are high enough in range to allow...

Another month in profit, let the show continue !

Hi guys, I hope you all have had a successful year so far with profits dripping in and the markets going your way. The Greenzone account has shown a stable rise ever since the beginning of the new set up , the monthly projections rising steadily and the accounts...

Greenzone update 16-05-2017

Hello guys, already half way through May and profits keep dropping in through the door, keeping us in track with the targeted 4% profit a month, which with the compounding interest should get us to approx. 60% a year ROI . The extra added positions did really well ,...